Training on “Combating Domestic Violence and Improving the Capabilities of the Police” successfully organized

By the initiative of the Law Enforcement University’s Academy of Management and with financial support from the “Asian Foundation” the training on “Combating Domestic Violence and Improving the Capabilities of the Police” was successfully organized from the 16 – 18th of November 2016.

The training was run by Dr. Giita Sekon (Ph.D), an instructor from the Republic of India who works for the UN. 85 police officers, 17 cadets, and 3 specialists from the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, the State Prosecutor’s Office and a non-governmental organization for Combating Domestic Violence attended the course. The training course provided an insight into the international trend towards domestic violence, its key concepts, theories and methodologies for conducting danger assessments.

Participants were pleased with the training course as it was an effective combination of both theory and practice. The training course also gave them an opportunity to change experience and knowledge as well as to attain a deeper understanding of the current situation of domestic violence in Mongolia and how to effectively combat it. Participants were awarded with certificates for successful completion of the course.