History of The Law Enforcement University

The Law Enforcement University was first established in 1934 as the “Central School” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the 8th decree of the People’s Republic of Mongolia’s Council of Ministers (passed on the 6th of July 1933), and after the appointment of the School Headmaster by the 687th decree of the Head of the Internal Defence.

In 1944, by the 305th decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security and Guard School was dissolved and unified with the Central School to establish the State Border and Internal Military School; with the aim of preparing specialists in law and intelligence services within a period of 3 years.

In 1974, by the 287th decree of the Council of Ministers, the State Border and Internal Military School was re-established as the Specialized Military School under the Ministry of Public Security.

Soon in 1982, the Specialized Military School was expanded to become the Military College by the 241st decree of the Ministry of Public Security and began preparing Border Protection Command Officers, Political Officers as well as Law Experts for the police force and correctional services.

By the 192nd decree of the Council of Ministers in the year of 1990, the Military College was reorganized under the General State Police and became the Police College in 1992. The Police College offered courses in two fields: law and border protection. Eventually, in the year of 2000, the Police College was renamed and became the Police Academy. Until then, in 1994 the Border Protection Department of the Police College was transferred to the Defence University of Mongolia, becoming the Border Protection Faculty. Moreover, in 1996 the Defence University expanded the Faculty to establish the Border Troop Institute (as an affiliate school). This was renamed the Border Troop School in 1996. In the end, in accordance with the 126th decree of the Mongolian Government passed in 2001, the Border Troop School of the Defence University was reorganized to become the Border Troop College, as a separate organization controlled by the Border Troop Authority.

The initiative to offer graduate courses for law enforcement officials was formulated and implemented from the year of 1999 by the 578th decree of the Head of the National Police Agency of Mongolia. Master’s degree programs were offered beginning from the academic year of 1999-2000 and doctoral degree programs were offered beginning from 2005-2006.

In 2011, by the 229th decree of the Mongolian Government, the Police Academy and Border Troop College was unified under the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs as the University of Internal Affairs. This was done with the intention of improving the training of domestic personnel and the interrelationship between research activities.

Finally, in 2012 by the 87th decree of the Mongolian Government the University of Internal Affairs was renamed as the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia.