Research and Development institute

The Law Enforcement University has an institute that is responsible for conducting basic and applied research; for determining the domestic innovation policies of the law enforcement sector; and for introducing the theoretical and methodological findings of the research works to the industrial sector so that it can be utilized during production. This institute is known as the Research and Development Institute.

The Research and Development Institute works to determine the top priorities of research work; improve the quality of research works conducted by Master’s and Doctoral degree students; publish research works; organize theoretical and methodological research conferences and training seminars; and improve the legal environment for innovation. It also conducts various types of research works covering the police, border protection, execution of court decisions and emergency management by the request of national law enforcement organizations.

Currently, the Research and Development Institute has established specialized research centres and has adopted the research professorship team format. This means that the institute works closely with the affiliate schools of the university.

Additionally, the Research and Development Institute is working on various projects that have been developed with the intention of transferring new technology and methodology into Mongolia. This includes lie detectors, profiling techniques, electronic monitoring equipment and UAVs.