Administrative management department

The Law Enforcement University has an administrative unit that organizes the daily activities of the university, determines the human resource policies, communicates with foreign entities and conducts monitoring and evaluation.

The Policy Coordination and Human Resource Division of the university determines the development strategies and the approaches for implementing them. They also plan its activities, organize all the preparation work, conduct monitoring, determine the human resource policy and select the best personnel for employment. The establishment of an appropriate incentive system for awarding employees is also on their agenda.

The Foreign Relation and Cooperation Division works to expand the university’s external communication and cooperation with other organizations. The department performs this duty in accordance with the foreign policy and national security concept of Mongolia.

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Internal Audit Division conducts internal audits and monitors overall operations of the university. This means that they perform risk assessments and assist the university management with evaluating its operations so that they can improve the internal monitoring process. The department also monitors all the educators, administrative staff, officials and students of the university for any violations in relation to ethics and morality. This includes registration of their personal assets so that there are no conflicts of interest between the employees and the university, and so that the department can prevent any forms of corruption or bribery.