Military ethics and security department

The Military Ethics and Security Department performs the duties of organizing the daily operations of the cadets who ensure the safety and security of the campus. It also organizes various cultural and public events.

The Military Formation Division operates with the national legislations and governmental policies as guidance and works to ensure that the internal regulations of the university are enforced. Cadets are required to be alert and military conduct is expected to be flawless. This means that cadets have high ethics and morality.

On the other hand the Information Security Division of the university ensures that the internal and external networks are secure and accessible, and that the information that is being shared is safe. This department also cooperates with the Academic Division and Library Service to create and maintain online databases as well as libraries.

The Culture, Community and Cooperation Division promotes and informs the public about the Law Enforcement University’s operations. To achieve this goal they have a studio for creating video tutorials, and an editorial board for publishing newspapers and journals. Moreover, they regularly collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations.