Graduate school

The Graduate School of the university is an affiliate school which prepares Master’s and Doctoral degree students in compliance with the governmental policies of Mongolia and the development policy of the Law Enforcement University. Currently, the Graduate School offers 8 Master’s degree courses which include “Criminal Justice Studies”, “Police Studies”, “Border Studies”, “Forensic Science”, “Disaster Management Studies”, “Economic Security”, “Information Security” and “Criminal Investigation”. As for Doctoral degree courses the Graduate School offers the following courses “Criminal Justice Studies-Law”, “Border Studies”, “Disaster Management Studies” and “Forensic Science”. Language courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in English, Russian, Chinese and German are also offered.

The Graduate School has a total of 40 faculty members of which 38 members are Doctors of Philosophy and 2 are Doctors of Science. Approximately, 138 professional subjects are taught at the Graduate School which deals with general, special and professional knowledge that are related to Criminal Justice Studies, Border Studies, Disaster Management Studies and Forensic Science.