Police school

This affiliate school is responsible for preparing, developing and re-training the special public servants that will ensure public safety, uphold public order and conduct various scientific analyses on evidence. The personnel prepared at this school are trained by the request of the Police and the Forensic Science Institute.

The Police School currently has 5 faculties and 62 faculty members. Included in the 5 faculties are the Police Studies Faculty, the Criminal Investigation Faculty, the Special Tactical Operations Training Faculty, the Forensic Science Faculty and the Traffic Police Faculty. Approximately, 40 professional courses are taught at this school and a bachelor’s degree in “Police Officer-Law Enforcement”, “Forensic Science-Law Enforcement” and “Criminal Investigation-Law Enforcement” is offered. Out of the total number of faculty members 18.5% of them have acquired their doctoral degrees and 40.7% are currently studying for their doctoral degrees.

The faculty members of this affiliate school are working to become an institute which supports the creativity of its researchers, that works to acquire the latest technology and that contributes to the efforts of ensuring the safety of citizens and regional security. To do this the faculty will focus on the needs and demands of client organizations; direct its managerial and financial operations towards supporting innovation; and assemble highly capable human resource.