Border protection school

This affiliate school is responsible for preparing, developing and re-training the special public servants that are highly skilled, patriotic and knowledgeable in military education. The personnel prepared at this school are trained by the request of the Border Protection Organization.

The Border Protection School currently has 5 faculties and 32 faculty members. Included in the 5 faculties are the Border Protection Faculty, the Border Point Security Faculty, the Logistics and Technical Faculty, the Military Psychology Faculty and the Military Affairs Faculty. Approximately, 30 professional courses are taught at this school and a bachelor’s degree in “Border Protection Service”, “Border Checkpoint Service-Law Enforcement” and “Border Point Logistics and Economy” is offered.

The faculty members of this affiliate school are working to become one of the central institutes for preparing students that are trained in border studies and that has acquired the right to offer consulting. To do this the faculty is focusing on establishing an innovative system which ensures the security of borders and that has integrated the production industry with education and science.