School for Court decision executions

This affiliate school is responsible for preparing, developing and re-training the special public servants that will ensure the security of prisons; correct and rehabilitate convicts; and perform the duties related to the execution of court decisions. The personnel prepared at this school are trained by the request of the Executive Agency for Court Decisions.

The School for Court Decision Executions currently has 3 faculties and 18 faculty members. Included in the 3 faculties are the Security Faculty, Social Works Faculty and Court Order execution Faculty. Approximately, 30 professional courses are taught at this school and a bachelor’s degree in “Court Decision Execution – Law Enforcement” is offered.

The main operations of this affiliate school are focused towards law enforcement and execution of court decisions. Operations are carried out with the professional needs and demands of the specialized agencies and prison facilities in mind. It is also based upon the results of basic and applied research works as well as the recommendations that were developed accordingly. The continuous learning and development of researchers and scholars are an important goal for this school.