School of Non-commissioned officers

The School of Non-Commissioned Officers is an affiliate school of the university that provides vocational courses in all fields including the Police, Border Protection, Execution of Court Decisions and Emergency Management. Most of these courses are open to citizens who have met the criteria set by law enforcement organizations. Courses are provided to students based on the requests by law enforcement organizations.

The School of Non-Commissioned Officers has a total of 58 trainers that provide courses for 5 law enforcement fields, including the Police, Emergency Management Service, Border Protection, Execution of Court Decisions and Special Tactics. The school has a training team, a disciplinary unit and a financial unit.

Approximately 60 professional courses are taught by module at the School of Non-Commissioned Officers. For example the following professional courses are available: Police Recruit Training, Traffic Police Officer Training, Police Officer-Response Driver Training, Crime Scene Investigator Training, Border Checkpoint Specialist Training, Head of Border Protection Division Training, Security Officer Training, Rescue Worker Training, Rescue Worker-Firefighter Training, Emergency Management Response Driver-Rescue Worker Training, Intensive Police Officer Training, and Contracted Border Protection Officer Training.