The Law Enforcement University of Mongolia annually organizes an international scientific conference on the challenges and issues that face the academics, trainings and practices of the law enforcement sector. This event provides opportunity  to domestic and foreign scholars, researchers and lecturers with a platform to freely discuss about the possible decisions that could be taken to solve the matters. This conference, which has now become a custom, is organized with the intent of exchanging ideas and developing new partnerships amongst participants. The following conferences have so far been organized.

For this year’s topic our main directive will be focused towards discussing the traditions of the law enforcement sector, its current conditions, trends, its regulations, reform; and the theoretical and practical issues related to it. The conference’s final notes will aim to integrate the works, ideas and recommendations presented by participating scholars.



Aim of Research Conference: This year’s international research conference will be focused towards discussing the traditions of the law enforcement sector, its current situations, trends, its regulations, reform; and the theoretical and practical issues related to it. The conference shall be aimed at integrating the works, ideas and recommendations offered by participating scholars.


  • The Law Enforcement University of Mongolia


  • Standing Committee of the Mongolian State Great Khural
  • Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports
  • Hanns-Seidel Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany


  • 27-28th September 2017

Scope of participants

Scientists, researchers, professors, officers in practice of domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, academic institutes, research centers and law schools may submit a paper.      

Guidelines of the paper topic

  1. Tradition, reform, development trend of law enforcement activities;
  2. Some issues on coherence between activities of the law enforcement agencies;
  3. Crucial issues in activities of agencies such as anti-corruption, police, court decision, marshal, border protection, immigration, national registration, statistics, emergency, customs, taxation and inspection.    
  4. Crucial issues related to law enforcement activities of prosecutor, judiciary offices.      
  5. Entering scientific, technical, technological development and innovation in law enforcement activities; 
  6. Crucial issues in education of law enforcement sector;  
  7. Legislation of foreign countries and its analysis;
  8. Crucial issues in international law enforcement activities;
  9. The current situation and trend of mutual assistance in law enforcement sector;
  10. Other issues related to basic topic    


Expenses for accommodation and subsistence is to be covered by Law Enforcement University. Participants shall cover the fare for international flights from their own respective institutions.

Deadline of the paper submission:

  • The paper shall be submitted to the Academic institute of Law enforcement university before 17:00 pm, 05 September, 2017; 
  • Submitted papers will be compiled, published and available to the public and papers selected basing on the certain criteria will be discussed by the conference.   

Requirements of the paper:

  • 5-10 pages on A4 paper;
  • The paper shall be written by the following size: in A4 paper, 2.5 cm from each side, space between rows 1.15, in Arial font with 12 size /MS Word/;
  • The paper shall be printed out and the file, picture of the lector shall be sent to the mail address:;
  • Scientist, researcher can prepare the paper by her/himself or collaborating with others and submit it;  
  • The paper can be prepared in English or Russian except Mongolian;
  • Academic degree, military rank and position of the lector, paper topic and brief content prepared within 3-5 sentences and key words shall be translated as follows depending on prepared language. 


If you have any questions, please contact (+976) 7015 5027; (+976) 7015 5081 and send an e-mail to:


 2015: “Cooperation between Law Enforcement Agencies”

Under mandate of Ministry of Justice Law Enforcement University in collaboration with other relative law enforcement agencies organized Interna­tional Scientific Conference on “Cooper­ation between Law Enforcement orga­nizations” successfully on the shore of Khuvsgul lake, Khatgal soum, Khuvsgul on July 17th - 18th, 2015.

The conference aimed at widening the cooperation on regional security is­sues between law enforcement organiza­tions and introducing new and scientific research and studies into practice, even giving opportunities researchers and ex­perts to exchange the knowledge and ex­perience by ensuring participation of over 60 experts, researchers and lecturers of Mongolian and foreign institutions and law enforcement agencies from partner and neighbor countries.


 2014: “Innovations in Law Enforcement field”

The international scientific conference “Innovation in Law Enforcement” has been organized by Law Enforcement University of Mongolia, Standing Committee on Legal Affairs of State Great Hural (Parliament), Ministry of Justice, Hanns Seidel Foundation, and Open Society Forum at the State Palace on 8th October 2014.

The international scientific conference was attended by more than 800 participants including Chairman of Standing Committee on Legal Affairs of State Great Hural Ganbat D., Member of State Great Hural and Government, Minister of Justice Temuujin Kh., 750 delegates from government and non-government organizations, universities and research institutes, also 50 participants from international organizations and foreign embassies in Mongolia.