It is an honour to mark upon the fact that throughout the course of its 80 year history, the Law Enforcement University has wholeheartedly been committed to preparing the most knowledgeable, capable and ethical personnel for the Police, Border Protection, Court Decision Execution, Forensic Science and Emergency Management agencies from one generation to the other, as these agencies are responsible for ensuring the national security of Mongolia as well as the safety of the Mongolian people.

For us, we are always proud of the fact that some of the smartest intellectuals, scholars and researchers; noblest politicians and statesmen; and bravest war veterans, heroes and law enforcement officials who sacrificed their lives for Mongolia’s sovereignty, integrity and peace were once graduates of this very institute.

Today, due to the changing environment of the university that are caused by the process of globalization, domestic reforms and the changes taking place in other similar organizations abroad; the needs and demands of society at large is changing, forcing our university to heed to those demands and adapt our development policies and strategies accordingly, so that the university can become one of the leading knowledge centres in the region.

On behalf of all the scholars, professors, officials, students, cadets and staff at our university we wish you the best!